EMECs Events at the SAIE Bologna exhibition – 21 October 2022

You are currently viewing EMECs Events at the SAIE Bologna exhibition – 21 October 2022

The EMEcs partnership will gather in Bologna, at the SAIE Exhibition fair for two landmark events.

On the 21st of October, 2022, h. 9.30 – 13.00, the 2nd International seminar of EMEcs will take place, hosted at the Federcostruzioni stand. The seminar will address a topic of close interest as the use of digital technologies and tools to tackle undeclared work and ensure safety in construction sites.

In the light of the difficulties in implementing on-site inspections during the pandemic, as well as of the acceleration in new technologies and digitalisation, the project is studying the features, opportunities, and limits of digital tools useful to promote declared work and occupational safety and health in the construction sector.

The event shall present some of the selected tools, including matching of work-related databases, platforms to monitor the presence of companies and workers in the construction site, and information tools accessible to workers themselves.

Representatives from the partnership covering Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain will intervene. It is expected also a contribution by the Italian National Labour Inspectorate. A closing session shall entail a debate with the audience.

To follow, at 14.30, partners will introduce key intermediate findings during the Dissemination Event, taking place in the ‘Centro Servizi’ conference room of the exhibition center.