EMEcs Final conference to take place on the 16th of December, save the date!

You are currently viewing EMEcs Final conference to take place on the 16th of December, save the date!

The EMEcs project’s final conference ‘Exiting the pandemic: findings and proposals for fair and safe mobility in the construction sector‘, will take place via Zoom, on the 16th of December, h. 10-13 CET.

Registration is open at this link. Interpretation will be provided for the following languages: EN, DE, ES, IT, PL.

The conference takes stock of the EMEcs project‘s analysis and research on posting in the construction sector in times of pandemic, covering Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Spain, and entailing, among others three live debates, three online workshops, and 51 interviews to stakeholders.

In more detail, project partners and key stakeholders will present and discuss policy recommendations along three round tables, addressing respectively:

OSH measures to prevent and tackle COVID-19 at work and in construction sites

Across most covered countries, protocols have been introduced to tackle the COVID-19 risk in construction activities. What can we learn from their main features and from their actual implementation?

Social protection and opportunities for vocational training

Already existing and new gaps in the protection of posted workers have emerged during the pandemic, as well as some promising practices including the involvement of sectoral funds, and targeting income protection and up-skilling of workers. How shall we ensure posted workers blocked abroad do not end up unprotected in similar situations and which takeway shall we note for the future?

Opportunities from digitalisation

The project has screened the contents and features of 9 digital tools potentially useful to improve enforcement of working conditions of posted workers and screened labour market trends as per a set of 203 job advertisements from 11 web-sites across EU. Which practices look as most promising and which actions shall we take to make the best out of existing tools?

Join the discussion, see you online on the 16th of December!