Last EMEcs reports now available in different languages

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EMEcs Project | 21.07.2022 | Foto: Detlef Gottwald |

The last EMEcs reports have been published in the different project’s languages.

The resources section now includes the EU Toolkit and the Final report in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. It is possible to download the different versions by selecting the relevant language code on the left menu, and then clicking on the picture of the report. For both reports, English is the original language.

The EU Toolkit describes the project’s 21 recommendations, divided under five strands: (i) emergency related restrictions and access to information; (ii) mobility of posted workers; (iii) social protection of posted workers; (iv) opportunities from digitalisation; (v) opportunities from innovation of vocational training. The document concludes with a draft OSH protocol summing up experiences of guidelines introduced to tackle the COVID-19 risk in construction activities during the pandemic.

The Final report recaps project’s findings showing the path made from the beginning of the action to the elaboration of recommendations.
More in detail, it describes and compares pandemic related emergency measures and their impact on posting in the construction sector, findings on the use of digital tools to improve monitoring and enforcement activities, and recommendations themselves. 

The reports conclude the research activities of the project, previously delivering: 6 country reports and a EU report illustrating contextual information on the impact of the pandemic on mobility in the construction sector; the EU Handbook focussing on the impact on OSH and social protection issues; the Discussion paper, presenting the features of 9 digital tools useful to improve monitoring and enforcement activities in construction, and results from a survey inquiring trends in cross-border recruitment by analysing online job advertisements. All reports are available in the resources section.