EU Handbook

The EU handbook will provide information on the current obstacles triggered by the pandemic to the mobility of workers and companies, and more specifically of posted workers, in the construction sector. The EU handbook will highlight also related initiatives meant to support mobility and the protection of posted workers during the pandemic.

EU Discussion Paper

The EU Discussion Paper will describe examples of existing digital tools and present findings of an ad-hoc analysis of online job advertisements to feed discussion on how digitalisation can help to monitor and enforce posted workers’ rights.

Country Reports

The country reports illustrate specific challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis at national level for companies and workers engaged in the construction sites and in posting of construction workers. Please, find the links for downloading each report below.

Final report

The Final Report will summarise inputs and findings from the project, pinpointing its main results and recommendations.


EU Toolkit

The EU Toolkit will provide policy recommendations structured according to different targets and providing suggestions on how to address risks of future emergency situations, to better support posted workers and to better prevent and monitor key aspects for working and living conditions of posted workers.