The EMEcs project

The EMEcs project, co-funded by the European Commission as part of the EASI programme – Progress Axis 2014/2020, project no. VS/2020/0497, aims to understand how posted workers in the construction sector have been affected by the measures introduced by Member States to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, how pandemic related obstacles to posting can be overcome and how workers can be better protected in the future under similar circumstances.

In addition to the criticalities created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the social protection of  posted workers could be further hindered by other factors, including:

  • the little awareness on the local institutions and contexts;
  • possible language obstacles;
  • and difficulties in accessing emergency aids (for them remaining affiliated to social security institutions of the sending country during posting).

Core phases of the project

Understanding challenges of COVID-19

This phase shall develop an evidence-based understanding of the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis for companies and workers engaged in the construction sites and in posting of construction workers

Evaluating responses to COVID-19

This phase shall evaluate the measures put in place to address the challenges created by COVID-19, both on the national and European level

New tools for monitoring and enforcing working conditions

This phase shall explore current and possible new digital tools to monitor and enforce rights of posted workers

Policy recommendations for future pandemics

This phase shall formulate EU level policy recommendations to address risks of future similar emergency situations, to better support posted workers and to better prevent and monitor key aspects for working and living conditions of posted workers


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