1st Mutual Learning Seminar in Wiesbaden on 21 July 2022

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EMEcs Project | 21.07.2022 | Foto: Detlef Gottwald | www.detlef-gottwald.de

On 21 July 2022, SOKA-BAU will host in Wiesbaden, Germany, the 1st EMEcs’ Mutual Learning Seminar.

The seminar aims to gather EMEcs’ partners as well as relevant stakeholders in the construction sector to discuss challenges for the Construction Industry in Times of Pandemic.

Project’s partners will discuss restrictions and access to information by posted workers, during the pandemic. They will also present evidences concerning protection from COVID-19 risk as well as access to social benefits and aids during the pandemic. Other stakeholders will present national experiences and specific topics such as health and safety issues in the construction industry during the pandemic and practical problems found by employees.

A discussion among all participants will address lessons learnt for the construction industry regarding posting of workers in times of emergency and which measures were the most effective at national and EU level.